Helping you find your flowstate and be your optimal self in the ocean and life.

Ocean Confidence

A course designed for ocean loving women of all abilities to learn essential surf survival skills. 

Evolve Surf

A program to help surfers cover aspects such as effective surf movement patterns, breath control and awareness of thoughts.  

Surf Coaching

BuA unique approach to learning how to ride waves incorporating breathing, mindset and more.

Female Surfer

I attended Sal's one day EVOLVE course and highly recommend it to anyone who spends time in the ocean. I love how Sal combined breath work, mindset and surf techniques to provide you with the confidence and direction to improve your surfing no matter what level you are at.

Hannah Jessup

Wellness Coaching

A unique choice of services to support you with breathing techniques, mind - body connection, surfing and surf survival and habit change.


Kinesiology is an opportunity for you to become aware of the unnoticed thoughts, feelings and actions which influence your daily reality.

Breath Flow

Breath flow workshop with optional ice bath and a weekly breath work class.


An optimal state of consciousness where we feel our best and perform our best.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Stay in flow with flowstate...

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