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I have grown up around the water, it is the place where I feel completely myself. As a teenager it would intrigue how being in water, would take me from having a tough day to feeling relaxed and free. Although there was no ocean where I grew up in the UK, I spent my time doing pretty much anything you can do in a pool, but mostly dedicating hours to competitive swimming.


My love for the water continued when I moved to New Zealand and later Australia where I discovered my love for surfing. It connects me with nature and is still my best physical and mental challenge and enables me to surf with some beautiful people who constantly inspire me. 


The choices I’ve made to evolve my life have bought so much joy, but this evolution was a result of riding many waves of challenges. 


After being involved in 2 car accidents, one near fatal, I was left with PTSD and a body which needed some care. Around the same time, my health really become unstuck.  I experienced around 5 years of unexplained medical symptoms, which traditional Doctors struggled to solve. Eventually a diagnosis was found and within weeks after a course of treatment all the symptoms vanished. 

Traditional medicine was amazing at helping me in those crucial moments where I needed it most, but it had its limitations.  Exploring the alternatives of healing such as kinesiology, breathing, movement and the right foods has enabled me to create a better quality of life. 

My experience and knowledge, has given me insight to create a platform to share with others. Combining my university studies, swimming, surfing, breath coaching and kinesiology, its enabled me to create a holistic approach.

My goal is to offer opportunities for you to develop your own tools for a balanced healthy lifestyle, which enables you to get out of the comfort zone and into new exciting areas of your life.


Encourage and motivate individuals to create abilities to live beyond what's comfortable and find their inner state of flow.

Release stored stressed within the body, bringing awareness to patterns which may hold you back.  

Develop your knowledge and practice of functional breathing to enhance energy, exercise performance and quality of life

Provide the tools, skills and knowledge to enhance your surfing ability with confidence 




  • BSc Hons Health and Community Studies

  • APNEA Surf Survival Instructor

  • Oxygen Advantage Advanced Instructor 

  • Neuro-Energetic Kinesiology Practitioner

  • Habit Change Practitioner

  • ASTA Swim Coach

  • Surfing Australia Progression Surf Coach