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Coolangatta/Tweed Heads

This course is designed for ocean lovers of all abilities, to learn essential skills to explore your comfort zones through exposure. With a combination of freediving and surfing insights, you will find a deeper understanding of what the human body and mind go through when exposed to different situations which provides opportunity to make the impossible, become possible. 

21st July 2024

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Upon expression of interest

Coolangatta/Tweed Heads

The breath is the foundation to everything. So imagine the possibility of enhancing the breath through learning the theory, practice and the understanding of your individual sensation. During this workshop participants learn how to breathe functionally well by assessing and correcting their own breathing by performing simple, effective exercises and dive into the “why” behind the importance of good breathing. You will use those skills to navigate the ice bath and build a solid bases to sustain your state for longer while exercising, resting and sleeping. 

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Every Monday 5.30-6.30pm

Plus Space

21 McLean St Coolangatta

The Monday Night Breath Class has been running for over 3 years, with 

a lovely inclusive community. The class is designed to give a therapeutic aspect of breathing, while toning your nervous system, breathing muscles and mental resilience. It is like doing a gentle workout for your breathing muscles. Having strong breathing muscles enables you to sustain a steady breath for longer which then extends the length of time, before you become breathless. This results in an increase in performance, no matter what you are doing. 



19th May 2024

A group of 6 is required to secure a date

Coolangatta / Tweed Heads


The Ocean Confidence Breath Control Course can be organised for individual and small groups on request. It is designed for ocean lovers of all abilities, surfers and non-surfers, to learn essential ocean breath control skills to explore your comfort zones through exposure. 


You will receive essential theory and practical for dealing with situations in the ocean, such as hold downs and tumbles in waves. The course brings freediving and surfing insights to provide a deeper understanding of what the human body and mind go through when stressed, particularly when underwater. 

You will learn the skills to deal with these situations, by developing techniques for managing stress, developing self awareness, self control and good decision making. These skills can be applied not only in the water, but across all facets of life, benefiting health and wellness. 


The course is open to all people providing they can swim 100M (you can use swim fins).  If you are not a strong swimmer, please email me to arrange pre-course swimming lessons.


This is not a "big wave " course per se, but it does deliver content and tools critical to improving your breath holding ability and survivability during unexpected ocean scenarios.


The training is very safe, no more dangerous than lap swimming and you will be supported the whole way. 

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Upon expression of interest.

A group of 6 is required to secure a date

Coolangatta / Tweed Heads


Have you ever paid attention to your breathing during exercise, sleep and day to day life? The breath is the foundation of all we do. 


Understanding how to breathe functionally well creates easy opportunities to enhance your abilities, giving you the power to reach your optimum performance in all areas of your life. 


This workshop covers 3 main areas:

  • Functional breath training

  • Breath holding (altitude simulation)

  • Contrast (hot/cold) therapy (stress control)


During this workshop participants learn how to breathe effectively, assess and correct their breathing and perform simple, effective drills to reinforce the theoretical aspects of the workshop. The techniques shared are simple, safe, effective, easily remembered and can be continued after the course.


At the end of the workshop participants have an option to experience a 2 minute cold immersion after spending time in the sauna (contrast therapy). These elements provide participants an opportunity to use breathing protocols to control their response to stress.

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