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BSc Hons Health & Community Studies

Grad Dip Public Relations 

Apnea Survival Instructor

Oxygen Advantage Advanced Instructor

Myofocus - Myofunctional Therapy

Surfing Australia Progression Surf Coach

Strength and Conditioning Coach L1 

Neuro-Energetic Kinesiology

Habit Change Practitioner

ASTA Swim Coach



I am proud to reach a place in my career where my experience working in community development and health promotion​ is aligning with my personal experience. This has enabled me to form a holistic approach for supporting clients to build new skills, challenge their comfort zone and use abilities they may have never explored before. 

In my early 30’s I suffered a bad car accident and developed PTSD for a number of years afterwards. The panic attacks were affecting all areas of my life, particularly around the panic I felt while surfing. This was regardless of the fact that I started surfing in 2003 and was experienced in many conditions. This led me to looking deeper into where these fears were coming from.  

My awareness of the sensations of breathing and breath holds was developed while growing up as a competitive swimmer. However, I never really applied this outside the area of swimming, until I started working with the breath professionally. 

The pieces started coming together while building my understanding of the connection between my thoughts and how my body was feeling. This is when I realised that breathing was the main link. 

I applied this approach to the work I was doing with clients, and started witnessing some powerful changes. When we understand how to use the breath differently, we truly can influence our mind and body in a positive way. My aim is to walk alongside my clients and guide them to reach their chosen goal, in a supportive and nurturing way.


Around the same time I also discovered kinesiology and started having regular sessions. This really allowed me to shift a lot of stress my body was holding onto. 

I found that connecting with my breath and taking the time to notice what my body and mind were actually doing, dramatically reduced my PTSD and Asthma symptoms, especially when combining it with a healthy diet, nature and  exercise. 


Going through such a transformation has improved my life beyond belief. This is why I became an instructor and continue to grow my education and experience so I can pass this on to you. 


An optimal state of consciousness where we feel our best and perform our best.

- Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

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