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Ocean Confidence Breath control  Course

This course is designed for ocean lovers of all abilities, to learn essential surf survival skills. 


​You will receive essential theory and practical skills which teaches you how to deal with ocean situations such as being held down and tumbled in waves. This course brings freediving and surfing insights to provide a deeper understanding of what the human body and mind go through when stressed, particularly when underwater.


You will develop self awareness, self control and good decision making which can be applied not only in the water, but across all facets of life.


The course is open to all ocean loving people providing they can swim 100M (you can use swim fins).  If you are not a strong swimmer, please email me to arrange pre-course swimming lessons.


This is not a "big wave " course per se, but it does deliver content and tools critical to improving your breath holding ability and survivability during unexpected surfing scenarios.


The training is very safe, no more dangerous than lap swimming and you will be supported the whole way. 


Evolve surf workshop

Evolve literally evolved from a conversation with the ladies I coached. They wanted to know more about how to maintain surf fitness, avoid getting injured, stay focused and control the breath.


This workshop has been developed to help surfers cover aspects which stretch beyond the ability of just standing on a board and riding a wave.


There are many things to think about while surfing. How to paddle to get in position, how to read the waves, navigating crowds and perfecting your timing to take off on the right wave.  All of this requires strong movement patterns, breath control and awareness of your thoughts.


This jam-packed 1 day workshop include 4 element to help you advance your abilities:

  1. Water based board and breath control

  2. Strength and mobility

  3. OMBE Surf Stance Training

  4. Breath training with option ice bath


BREATH Flow workshop

Have you ever paid attention to your breathing during exercise, sleep and day to day life? The breath is the foundation of all we do. 


Understanding how to breathe functionally well creates easy opportunities to enhance your abilities, giving you the power to reach your optimum performance in all areas of your life. 


This workshop covers 3 main areas:

  • Functional breath training

  • Breath holding (altitude simulation)

  • Contrast (hot/cold) therapy (stress control)

During this workshop participants learn how to breathe effectively, assess and correct their breathing and perform simple, effective drills to reinforce the theoretical aspects of the workshop. The techniques shared are simple, safe, effective, easily remembered and can be continued after the course.


At the end of the workshop participants have an option to experience a 2 minute cold immersion after spending time in the sauna (contrast therapy). These elements provide participants an opportunity to use breathing protocols to control their response to stress.