Tropical Leaves


Flowstate offers tailor made coaching which gives you a unique combination of services to support you. You get to choose from:

  • functional breathing assessment and techniques

  • kinesiology

  • surfing

  • surf survival - water based breath holds

  • swimming technique including paddling skills

  • ocean knowledge

  • habit change tools

  • personal growth plan


This coaching is a collaborative, solution focused, empowering process, in which I facilitate you to enhance existing and new skills and guide you to create confidence and growth. 


Successful coaching requires an active, collaborative approach between client and coach. Whilst I acts as a facilitator of change, it is your responsibility to enact or bring about that change. 


As everyone is different, this coaching offer you the opportunity to custom make an experience which moulds around your current life journey.



Habit Change

Land based breathing techniques & optional ice bath

Water based breathing techniques

Surf Coaching


Swimming Surfer