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Tailored coaching

​Flowstate offers tailored coaching that gives you the unique opportunity to combine a choice of services which comes together in a program that fits with your needs and goals. Explore a choice of Surfing, Swimming, Breath Training, Kinesiology and Habit Change. You design what you want, which could be a combination of all or just a selected few. View prices and packages here. 


Throughout the coaching you’ll have the opportunity to explore how you flow with life and what is holding you back. This process will allow you to start dissolving these blockages and provide you with the opportunity to build a new confident energy. 


The tailored coaching is a collaborative, solution focused, empowering process, in which Sally works alongside you. The aim is to enhance existing and new skills by guiding you to develop confidence and knowledge. 


You are invited to have a free 30min Zoom consultation to explore your history, discuss your goals and express your interests in the combination of services. 

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