This course is designed for ocean loving women of all abilities to learn essential surf survival skills. 

After 16 years of surfing and more recently coaching women to surf, I can understand how amazing, but unpredictable the ocean can be at times. Developing the knowledge and confidence to make good decisions can require a steady and calm head, which stems from using correct breathing techniques.


My aim is to empower women to develop these skills in a supportive, fun environment to build ocean confidence, which can then be transferred to everyday life.  Having the understanding of what to do in an intense situation can have powerful effects on how you feel. Controlling the breath not only allows you to change your states quickly, but can also enable you to navigate through unpredictable scenarios.  


You will receive essential practical and theory for dealing with situations in the ocean, such as being held down and tumbled in waves. The course brings freediving and surfing insights to provide a deeper understanding of what the human body and mind go through when stressed, particularly when underwater. 


You will learn the skills to deal with these situations, by developing  processes for managing stress, self awareness, self control and good decision making. These skills can be applied not only in the water, but across all facets of life, benefiting health and wellness. 


The course is open to all ocean loving women providing they can swim 200M (you can use swim fins).  This is not a "big wave " course per se but it does deliver content and tools critical to improving your breath holding ability and survivability during unexpected surfing scenarios.

The training is very safe, no more dangerous than lap swimming and you will be supported the whole way. Hypoxia (without oxygen) based breath holds are not used.  Instead we use Hypercapnia (increased carbon dioxide) to stimulate the urge to breathe, way before there is any risk of running out of oxygen.  The use of hypercania techniques has many health and performance benefits for the non surfer and surfer alike.  ​


The day will cover:

  • Breath hold and breathing physiology

  • The urge to breathe

  • Breath & nervous system connection

  • Using the breath to manage your stress / threat responses 

  • Relaxation techniques

  • Self awareness and self control

  • Static and Dynamic Apnea training methods 

  • Safety when training



Ability to swim 200m unassisted (you can use rubber swim fins if required)


Gear required: 

Goggles and surf wetsuit.


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