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Flowstate's Kinesiology is offered to you as Individual Kinesiology Sessions  and/or Tailored Coaching Package. The package combines kinesiology with a choice of all of some other the other services to give you a holistic approach to creating change. I invite you to join me for a free 30min video consultation to explore your goals. 


Kinesiology opens up the opportunity for you to become aware of the unnoticed thoughts, feelings and actions which influence your daily life. Using gentle muscle testing the body is read like a book to locate blockages in the energy channels. These blockages  influences both the structure and function of our entire body and mind.

Through the session, you will be able to develop an understanding of current or past experiences and see how they are influencing today's decisions and actions. This presents you with an opportunity to draw your own conclusion and develop new choices of how to move forward .

​The session commences with an invitation to share an issue to set the context of the session. You will lay face up relaxing on a massage table where you will connected with your breathing and be encouraged to take in the stillness.

When a block is identifies, it is cleared using techniques such as sound vibration, smell, holding acu-points, chakra and meridian work, as well as other techniques. This process brings thoughts and feelings into the conscious mind, allowing your body to let go of tension surrounding the issue and bringing new energy.

Kinesiology is completely individual and only relevant to you. Each balance is defined by your individual circumstance, stated in your own words. There is no pressure to explain or expand on what comes up for you in the session. The power stays with you the entire time, bringing a sense of security, safety and relaxation to the session.

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