Evolve literally evolved from a conversation with the ladies I coached. They wanted to know more about how to maintain surfing fitness, avoid getting injured, ways to keep focused, all whilst having fun and catching plenty of waves. 


Myself and Ross Armour from + S P A C E combined our skills and develop a program to help surfers cover aspects such as effective surf movement patterns, breath control and awareness of your thoughts.  


Learning or advancing your surfing, at any age, can be both fun and challenging. There’s no other sport like it where you move your body in ways you never thought possible and afterwards have aches in muscles you didn't realise you had. 

This jammed packed 1 day program will create an unforgettable experience, which will benefit your surfing and life in general.

Session One: Water Session (7am - 9am)

Learn how to control your board in a wipe out, paddle out of intense situation and use correct breath control and holds, to stay calm and in control. This session will be ran in flat open water, giving you the time to learn and practice effective techniques to keep you safe and alert.

Session Two: Mobility, Strength and Balance (9.45am - 11.45am)

Ross Armour, personal trainer at Plus Space will run you through a series of exercises to help you build balance, coordination and strength. During the session Ross, will asses your abilities and used  this knowledge to design an individual work out for you can take home.

Session Three: Surf Specific Skills (12.30pm - 2.30pm)

They say practice makes perfect. This session is all about surf specific movement patterns such as pop ups, hip, knee positioning, balance and confidence. The beauty of doing these skills on land is you get real time feedback. This enables you to repeat multiple times and really start to feel the difference.

Session Four: Breath Flow + Ice Bath (2.45pm - 4.45pm)

This experiential session will expose you to new breath techniques which activates your nervous system and stimulate mental focus. You will then have the option to use your new breathing skills, whilst being exposed to the ice bath. This is a very worthwhile and powerful experience, which can be beneficial on many levels.

By the end of this program, you will have more awareness of how you move (in and out of the water), be stronger, have better tools to manage any anxious feelings and surf with more confidence.



"EVOLVE truly is the best! As a beginner level surfer, I found the evolve program really useful. When I applied the techniques I had learned in each workshop, I instantly felt a difference in the way that I surfed. Everything just clicked. My confidence increased dramatically, and it’s really helped me to progress to the next level.


The breathing techniques were great. I use the recovery breath, not only in surfing, but in other sports. I’ve also used it in stressful situations when needed, as it really helps to clear the mind quickly. Evolve has really taught me the importance of breathing.


I absolutely loved the entire Evolve program and I highly recommend it for beginner surfers.  Sal and Ross are awesome and they will definitely make you a better surfer."

Nicole Booby

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