The 3 hour Breath Flow workshop leads you through a breath journey and introduces you to land based breath practises giving you the tools to improve your health and welbeing, boost exercise recovery, increase physical and mental  performance, stress management & increase lung vitality, self awareness and self control.


All skills are transferrable to other life situations allowing you to maintain a state of zen like control, focus and improved performance & decision making when under pressure.  Or simply live a healthier more invigorated life. We offer a + ICE option for this workshop which provides a two minute supported cold immersion experience for you to test drive your new found breath control technique.


Benefits of better breathing habits 


  • Improved VO2 max

  • Improved cardiovascular function 

  • Higher CO2 / lactic acid tolerance

  • Improved self awareness & control

  • Improved mental focus

  • Improved lung vitality

  • Increased EPO production

  • Increased NO2 production

  • Increased O2 efficiency 

  • Improved breath hold 

  • Increased  recovery & relaxation

  • Improved stress management



Take your new skills to the next level by joining the weekly breath flow class. Receive feedback about your techniques, increase breath hold times and learn additional techniques to keep your practice fresh and interesting.

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